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Sykes Media & Photography was founded in early 2017 by Tom Sykes and his partner Charlie Wearden. We offer a variety of photography and videography services to suit your individual needs. We are based in Lancashire, near to the Yorkshire and Cumbria border, we are willing to travel all over the country and worldwide.


We have a growing presence on a number of social media platforms to help promote your products and companies through photography, film making and journalism.


Please contact Tom & Charlie for more information on the services we can offer you. 

I have had a lifelong passion for fieldsports after being introduced to shooting at a young age by my father. I regularly write for some of the leading shooting magazine titles including Shooting Times and Sporting Gun magazine. We cover a variety of subjects including shoot reports, pest control and my passion for wildfowling.


My career as a freelance journalist and photographer has allowed me to hone my skills in this particular area of work. As well as an interest in photography, I have always had a passion for film making, producing shooting films of different field sports. You can watch these on the video section of our website.

Until I met Tom, my experience in fieldsports was beating on a small family run shoot. I was looking into getting my very own puppy to train as a picking up dog. Hugo, my Black Labrador, arrived home and two months later I met Tom. 


I was already a photographer specialising in landscape and lifestyle photography for a company based in Cumbria. I had recently gone freelance when Tom & I met, not much time passed and we decided instead of working separately we would work together and that is how Sykes Media started. I am now regularly out beating and shooting, mainly on muddy foreshores, always with my camera in my hand documenting the day.

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T: 07805 036043

T: 07960 096316