We capture iconic moments and produce high quality photography for you to share with the world.


We have a variety of photography clients including ShotKam, Gamebore to name a couple. Although we specialise in fieldsports photography, we also offer a range of photography services on enquiry.


Sykes Media creates unique film footage which you can view in our Video section. We capture the action from a day in the field by combining the use of advanced film equipment.

Journalism is another key aspect of our business which has been built over the years. 

Our articles feature in many of the UK's leading fieldsports publications such as Shooting Times, Scottish Gazette and a monthly feature in Sporting Gun.

We can offer high quality packages of a variety of fieldsports articles, illustrated with our own photographs. For all journalism enquiries please contact us via email or phone.

We are proud to work alongside the talented artist, Keith Sykes. He primarily focuses his work on fieldsport subjects. His unique style of work can be viewed in our Artwork section.

Keith Sykes Prints are available to purchase directly through ourselves. Commisions can also be dealt with through Sykes Media.

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